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Why Tiktok should be Banned in Pakistan too?



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Stop Killing Generations #BanTiktok

Why Tiktok should be Banned in Pakistan too? It all started with breaking news on Jun 25th, 2020. A foreigner developer as well as reverse engineering expert posted on Reddit some of the shocking facts about Tiktok. Besides all of the shocking facts he posted, I have my own views and would also recommend #BanTiktok in Pakistan too.

Before moving forward I would like to clarify that these are my personal thoughts, emotions, and research. No one is paying me for criticizing Tiktok. Some of Pakistan’s well-wishers may don’t like this content and offend with some sort of silly comments but I don’t bother it at all. My thoughts, reviews, and research is based on facts that are easy to understand for a common person.

The reasoning for Stop Using Tiktok

1)    Rayasat-e-Madina:

Prime Minister Imran Khan had been elected on a single point for changing our country’s current status to Rayasat-e-Madina. I do agree that no one can bring a change in a few days or years but I also want to understand why it is too hard for PTA to #BanTiktok in Pakistan? Why we are overlooking our generations getting being exploited with vulgar, nude, and inappropriate content? Why gays culture is being promoted with the help of TikTok in Pakistan? We are the Islamic Republic and does our religion support such activities?

2)   Mothers of Nation:

We all are well aware of TikTok so there is no hidden thing that I should brief here. We see such videos on a daily basis where young girls from our society are pleasing their followers with inappropriate content. I also witnessed a lot of videos going viral with millions of followers and duets. 60 years old mature have easy access to a teenager who could be easily spoiled for a ton of reasons. These young girls are the mothers of our nation and if this generation is spoiled enough; you can imagine what our next generation looks like.

3)  The extent of Vulgarity:

Again I am not discussing all of the Tiktokers who have done well to show their talent. But there are some black sheep who are deeply involved in showing up inappropriate content such as:

  1. Adult content is being promoted.
  2. Tiktok has become one of a platform where call girls can easily reach to our kids who are not even 18+.
  3. Girls smoking, swimming and dancing is something that doesn’t even matter to our society. This has been killing our Daughters.
  4. How someone can bear watching your daughter, sister, or wife enticing someone showing up their body.
  5. What you want to comment about #TharkiBaba on Tiktok?
  6. I am hell tired thinking about those Molvis who are getting Sasti Shohrat through Tiktok but had already wasted a lot what they learned throughout their lives.

In the end once again, I don’t want to criticize Tiktok but I don’t want to recommend anyone to use this app anymore. Simply save your children, #BanTikTok.

People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills. An entrepreneur with 10 years of experience developing websites and mobile apps. A blogger who love to talk about latest tech hacks, news and stories that must not be neglected.

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