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5 Best AMP WordPress Plugins in 2020



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5 Best AMP WordPress Plugins in 2020
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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a that allows you to build a website loads almost instantly or maximum within 2-3 seconds on mobile devices. It was initially introduced by Google in 2015 so that businesses could avoid the frustration of their customers with slow loading website experience.

Google has its own standards for AMP functionality which we will discuss in one of the next articles but for WordPress websites, you can get an AMP website using readily available plugins within the WordPress marketplace. You can also get these recommended plugins within your c.

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Speed has been considered as one of the biggest factors by Google to see if a website is optimized or otherwise. Understanding how to speed up a WordPress website for faster loading time remained a challenge for the last few decades. Google has now simplified it using AMP pages for the website to provide seamless loading experience to website visitors or blog audience. AMP plugins help you create a Lite version of the website which loads for the visitors in a nick of time.

Fastest Version of the website means; better ranking on search results, lower bounce rate, and good user experience.

Caution:  Switching your website from responsive to AMP version will show up as a new website in mobile browsers. Be sure to backup and use a staging environment for AMP testing and build. Hiring a professional c is always preferable and if you would like to Hire Me; don’t hesitate to contact me.

5 best AMP WordPress Plugins in 2020

Let’s start gossip about the 5 best and effective AMP plugins to be used for a WordPress website. Using these plugins you can see a considerable change in audience ratings.

1: Official AMP plugin

 AMP plugin


AMP is an open-source WordPress AMP Plugin. AMP enables interactive web experience that is consistently high performing across all distribution platforms. This is an official AMP plugin for WordPress that’s best utilized by startups and blogs and editorial WordPress sites.

AMP plugin has 50K above active installations. However, Stories experience has been removed from the c in favor of the feature being released as a standalone plugin. It will be available soon.

Let’s talk about the features available in AMP:

  1. AMP plugin provides you a better with fast loading time on mobile phones.
  2. One can enable AMP on Pages, Posts, and Media.
  3. It uses caching for faster load time.
  4. One can add Analytics to the AMP plugin.
  5. The plugin is compatible with a core theme such as (Twenty Twenty)

AMP provides a back end guide via Github, which breaks down how to customize your AMP plugin WP site.

2: WordPress AMP – Accelerated Mobile page

WordPress AMP


AMP FOR WPAMP for WordPress is a premium plugin that provides a lot more functionality than the official AMP plugin such as; a large selection of extensions, added support options, and features a broad range of design customization tools. AMP for WordPress goes through regular updates to fix errors, add new features, and perform system tests. This plugin has above 10k installations.

The following features are available in this plugin:

  • The basic theme of this plugin is swift, provides a better user experience.
  • Through this plugin, you can show one signal push notification.
  • Google tag manager and Facebook instant articles support are available.
  • One can show related posts and recent comments.
  • google analytics and Google AdSense support are available.
  • One can use social sharing buttons in blog posts.
  • Drag & Drop builder is available.
  • This plugin supports all other plugins one uses on the website like; Yoast SEO etc.
  • Create Custom AMP design with no requirement of coding.

By using this plugin, One can customize; Logo, Header menu, Footer, Colors, Post and Post comments, etc. AMP for WP is a great addition of AMP features to your website and enables mobile-friendly.

3:  Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP


AMP glue plugin allows integration of the Yoast SEO into your AMP pages. This certifies that your metadata is implemented correctly. If one wants to configure AMP settings then install AMP and Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP plugin. You must have Yoast SEO plugins also.

We’ve talked briefly on Yoast SEO plugin (Free vs Paid version):

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  2. Tools for Yoast SEO free version.

Features are available for AMP through this plugin are:

  • Set up AMP for Pages, Posts, and Media.
  • Add some extra tags and CSS manually in the header section.
  • Align the styling as per its own brand that makes it a bit more stylish than usual.
  • Integrate analytics to check AMP pages or page views.

4: AMP on WordPress – weeblrAMP CE

AMP on WordPress - weeblrAMP CE


It provides advanced support to AMP pages, Posts. This plugin is offered for both free and premium users, and premium users receive turnkey services to convert existing WordPress plugins to AMP. So Features available for this plugin is:

  • Show Categories, Tags, Archives in AMP.
  • Structured data can be implemented through this plugin.
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Google tag manager.
  • The integration of your WordPress plugins can be done easily by using this AMP plugin.
  • AMP settings are customizable.

5: AMP WooCommerce

AMP WooCommerce


AMP WooCommerce is the best plugin for AMP E-Commerce sales and tracking tool integration. This plugin is popular for e-commerce for WordPress and allows you to facilitate financial transactions and manage orders. Features of AMP WooCommerce plugin:

  1. Show related products and reviews of the WooCommerce store.
  2. Show a cart in the AMP pages.
  3. Integrate through one click.

The plugin automatically carries overall settings, specifications, and design options as specified on your main WordPress website’s dashboard options panel. For extra features of the WooCommerce store in AMP, you have to use a pro version of this plugin.

Wrapping up!

The major portion of your audience is reaching and interacting with Businesses through smartphones as compared with Desktop users. Not to forget, website in all ages serves with a Business representation to the audience, visitor, or customers. A website with a better loading speed earns more attraction than the one with slow speed.

Using one of the best AMP plugin mentioned above can solve this muddle and you will experience something different than before.

Caution:  Switching your website from responsive to AMP version will show up as a new website in mobile browsers. Be sure to backup and use a staging environment for AMP testing and build. Hiring a professional WordPress developer is always preferable and if you would like to Hire Me; don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your comments are always helpful for us so feel free to let us know how to improve our blogs and if there is something specific you would like us to post in the coming days?

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