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What is DDos Attack?



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We hear this statement regularly within our friends and business circle. Everyone claim their website is not performing well. I got this complaint twice a week from one of my client but does anyone know what is happening at the backend? But no one know they are a victim of DDoS attack!!!

Today i will try to cover up as much as details about the DDos attacks which end up with website hijack, website hacked or multiple server down times.

DDos-attacks-developerWhat is DDoS Attack and How Does it Work?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This mostly targets a single website, system or server through multiple Trojan affected systems causing shut down of services. Mostly it is temporarily but DDoS is one of the most powerful tool over the internet which help hackers for penetrating in to a system or server.

Who are the victims of DDoS Attacks?

In most cases we have seen it easier for a hacker to penetrate into a WordPress website as compare to a customized website. Remember WordPress is an open source and can easily be hacked if you are not following standard procedures for security and maintenance of your website.

Why my Website is under DDoS Attack?

Above paragraph is self explanatory however as this is meant to disrupt or temporary shut down online business operations so hacker use this strategy for mostly hacking websites to earn some sort of ridiculous rewards from the website owners. DDoS attack gives hacker control over your server and website as well as payment methods, orders and/or transactions.

What are the affects of DDoS to my Business or Website?

As i mentioned above the hackers goals varies but mostly these are carried out either for fun or financial gain. So good communication is an alternate tool to ensure minimal loss to your website privacy while you are in hacker’s control. The sooner you took care of it is better for your website as well as business. This can be done through a successful dialogue with hacker or by hiring a professional to deal with it.

How to avoid DDoS Attacks?

DDoS-protection-shieldWhile this is something unpredictable but with experience comes knowledge, so here are few tips:

  1. Always keep your WordPress version up-to-date. This means if the latest version of WordPress is 5.3.2 and if you are still running 4.0.1.
  2. Whenever you get a theme update, never delay it. Paying someone a few bucks for updation is far better than seeing a hacked business website.
  3. Make sure all plugins are up-to-date.
  4. You must know number of web pages and plugin your website support. In case you see a frequent change in number of pages or plugin, shoot for an expert WordPress developer..
  5. Carry out monthly maintenance of your server and keep a strict eye on files especially within public_html.
  6. Look out for new FTP (File Transfer Protocols) on your server. If you found any suspicious FTP account, get in touch with your hosting provider or web developer.
  7. Minimize using third party plugin for security and maintenance.

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